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Two's Preschool Program

  • Shining Stars Staff

    All of our staff has at least their 12 Early Childhood Development Units along with their CPR and First Aid Training. Our staffs also have been fingerprinted through “Live Scan” and have had background check through the State Licensing Agency.

    Two’s Preschool Program (2-3 Year Olds)

    Two’s are Big People

    Working with two-year-olds is fast-paced and ever-changing. At this age their every experience is brand new and we are the ones who have the privilege of introducing them to the world. In a loving and nurturing environment, we encourage their desire for independence. We potty train them, teach them good hygiene habits, allow them to feed themselves and drink from a cup, and encourage them to speak and use good manners.

    Children are provided with an age based fun curriculum. Creating imagination, individualism, social experiences and being nurtured by a loving, competent, and well-trained teacher. Many students master the names of colors, shapes, number concepts, the days of the week, words to quite a few songs, many letters and their phonetic sounds. 

    A toddler’s life is marked by rapid growth in language acquisition, self-sufficiency and social skills.

    Our Shining Stars Twos Preschool Program is designed to:

    • Maximize each toddler’s educational development while promoting social and emotional growth.
    • Provide developmentally appropriate lessons that introduce free exploration.
    • Provide loving guidance and patience as our twos begin their understanding of socially appropriate behavior in a safe environment.
    • Promote their independence, while providing assistance with potty training.
    • Shining Stars provides families with written daily communications for each child, and twice yearly progress reports, with parent-teacher conferences upon request.